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Touristic Sites in Cameroon For Leisure


The rich diversity of Cameroon has always been cited as a strong reason why tourism  remained a major foreign exchange earner for the country. However, the big question is how much of these opportunities have been fully developed to attract tourist in the unique touristic sites in Cameroon ?

Tourism in Cameroon

We are fully committed to give our clients top-notch tourism services manned by experience and uniqueness. We strongly advice visitors to secure a tour clearance and approval so their activities in Cameroon can be backed legally. Mt Cameroon remains one of the most attractive touristic site in Cameroon. Tourist want to see the physical limit and natural attraction of Mt . Cameroon. Also Mt Cameroon boast of beautiful landscape, forest , Savannah ,jungles , rare animals like elephant,chimpanzee and monkeys.

Touristic sites in Cameroon

Touristic sites in Cameroon ranges from historic monuments, beaches, waterfalls, parks, valleys, lakes, culture, arts ,museum and mountains.We guarantees the best Cameroon tour package for our clients in collaboration with accredited tour agency.  Here is a breakdown of the various Mt. Cameroon tour package and we strongly advice foreigners obtain the approved authorization and avoid clandestine operators.    

Tour services

  • Professional tour guide

  • Tour guard

  • Tour porter(s) to carry the luggage’s

  • Accommodation 

  • Tour equipment

We ensure our clients lodge in affordable and low cost hotel. We facilitate hotel accommodation reservation for our client at the most affordable rate. In booking hotel accommodation we ensure the check in and out services are topnotch, a night club, food , wireless internet, air condition, mini bar, restaurant and free parking space.

In conclusion, tourism remain an essential boast of the Cameroon economy. Luckily we pride ourselves in ensuring our clients enjoy the rich diversity . However we advice tourist to secure legitimate approval from the appropriate ministry so as to make their stay peaceful.