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Best Notary Public in Cameroon


In many countries in the world including Cameroon , a document can only be accepted abroad , if it has been  notarized and, its genuineness verified and certified by a Notary public with his Notary Seal. A Public notary is a  senior member of the Cameroonian Bar Association with a notary seal recognized internationally.

Notary Public

Kinsmen Advocates  Law Firm is manned by experienced Notaries and renders notarial services to the members of the public in an environment characterized by diligence, trust worthy notary seal  and utmost confidentiality. The consumers of our services include corporate organization, companies, individuals,  banks, insurance and financial institution, NGO’s and property dealers.

 Legal Services to Cameroon Society

A notary renders notarial services to the society in areas like:-

  • Preparation, attestation, authentication and certification of deeds.
  • Confirmation of single status
  • authentication, certification & notarization of loosed birth certificate and international passport.
  • Translation of  academic certificates (French – English)
  • Certify transactions relating to the bill of exchange and other negotiable instruments.
  • Notarization of educational qualification certificates
  • Affidavit of sponsorship, support and age declaration
  • Notarizing a Will.

Notarizing a Will makes it self-proving which moves it through probate faster because the probate registry does not need to call in witnesses to acknowledge whether they sign the Will. Non – notarizing a Will does not render it invalid, provided it meets up with the requirements of a valid Will.

What is a Notary Seal?

It is  the most useful tool of a notary officer . However, a lot of individuals don’t know what is a seal. A notary seal is the impression of the public officer ink stamp and it is used to authenticate the notary’s signature and make the notarial act official. The term notary seal can also refer to a stamp. The imprint of the notary public seal contains information identifying the notary.


The purpose of notary attestation is to validate the document which must be signed before the notary. The attested copies are acceptable as true copies internationally.

Article By: Barr Mafany victor Ngando

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