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Mining Permit in Cameroon

Mining permit in Cameroon

Mining in Cameroon in the 1970 was largely dominated by local traders who could mine without a mining license in Cameroon as there was no regulation guiding exploitation.The Cameroon government saw the need to organize the mining sector by promulgating the mining code so as to encourage mining companies to establish in Cameroon.Mining companies are encouraged to procure a mining permit so as to exercise and  enjoy government protection, tax and custom exceptions The Eastern Region is the richest mineral region in Cameroon so to speak reason why the government places a lot of importance in this sector. Industrial miming in Cameroon is dominated by Chinese. Mining companies in Cameroon are advised to do serious 2 (two) months prospection so as to spot exact location before any major investment. The cost of prospection depends squarely on the location and nature of the topography. The essence of prospection is to enables registered mining companies in Cameroon to decipher exactly where to carry out exploitation. It is then that we can initiate the procedure to have an exploitation licenses for the site to legitimize exploitation.

Mining companies in Cameroon that are interested in gold mining are advised to work with those already in the exploitation of gold because they know the terrain and especially how to handle the indigenous population. Gold mining in Cameroon is one of the most lucrative businesses not just for foreign investors but can boast the economy of Cameroon if exploited following due process.


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Article by: Barr Akpana Tracy Emula

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