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Immigration Attorney in Cameroon

Immigration Attorney in Cameroon

Immigration law determines who is allowed to stay into a foreign country. Cameroonians abroad are often in need of an immigration attorney to secure legitimate documents from Cameroon or get them legalize at the ministry of external relation so as to regularize their status abroad. An immigration Attorney in Cameroon advise applicant on all immigration concerns.

Common immigration Concerns

An immigration attorneys in Cameroon must be able to handle common Immigration law concerns although not exhausted :

  1. Partial/ total waiver of publication of marriage banns by state prosecutor.

  2. Notarized parental consent letter for minors travelling abroad.

  3. Civil status registration documents ( marriage certificate and birth certificate , attestation of single status ) .

  4. Ministry of external relation legalization .
  5. Affidavit of sponsorship for study abroad 
  6. Passport renewal 
  7. Notary public certification
  8. Non-conviction certificates

Immigration attorney  in Cameroon also review visa denial reasons to wit:-

  1. Past Criminal Record. 

  2. False Traveling Documents.

  3. Insufficient Financial support. 

  4. Unacceptable Birth or Marriage Certificate.

  5. Invalid Insurance.

  6. No Proof of Accommodation

  7. Insufficient explanation for the purpose of the planned journey (tourist & visit)

It is interesting to insist that an immigration attorneys in Cameroon represent clients  across all the embassies abroad.

Article By: Barr Akpana Tracy Emulu

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