Gone are the days when you used to go to a store, pick items from a shelf and reach the point of sale; cashier used to cast a look upon the items, check the items’ prices from the list and add it to the total bill. This was time consuming, irritating for the customers and often times the price and product information entered manually was faulty. Advancements in technology has affected virtually all walks of everyday life; Likewise, computerized point of sale systems were introduced and if there was anything left in completely automating POS, barcodes were introduced. This article has been written for the business owners who want to get basic insight about the barcodes in Cameroon. Those, who want to know what barcodes actually are. This write-up is also intended towards the software developer and professionals who are working on a project which integrates barcode for example, point of sale system, medical image system or any departmental store application.


Barcode is nothing but a piece of paper pasted on items. You would have seen patterns of black and white vertical lines on items in stores, books, hardware items etc. These lines may seem oblivious to you but they contain a large amount of information regarding the product on which they are posted.

Almost every industry is employing barcodes for automating their product information storage and retrieval purposes. Following are some of the general application areas of barcodes.

  1. Wholesale dealers and retail shop owners make use of barcodes for product identification.
  2. Medical and surgical industry places barcodes on medicine, surgical equipment and diagnosis machinery.
  3. Shipping and marine industry make use of barcodes in Cameroon for secure shipment and product information.
  4. Electronic and computer industry employ barcodes on electronic devices and hardware components.
  5. Postal industries use barcodes for efficient parcel routing and mail delivery across the board.


An important question exists that needs to be answered before dwelling into the details in obtaining barcodes in Cameroon. The following are some of the reasons.

  1. Barcode encoding and decoding is extremely fast and can save lots of time that is spent in manually encoding and decoding information.
  2. Barcodes are secure way of encoding information and chance of faulty information and human error is minimal.
  3. Barcodes nowadays are extremely cost effective; the encoding hardware and scanning devices have become cheaper and reliable.
  4. Barcodes helps in decision making process by providing processed data using specialized programming algorithms.
  5. Process automation is the biggest advantage that comes with barcode implementation in point of sale systems.

In conclusion, as a leading commercial firm, we encourage business owners who are in need of barcodes in Cameroon for their product to brief attorney. The procedure is legal and entails some professional knowledge so as the end result can be attained.

Article by Barr. Mafany Victor Ngando

Kinsmen Advocates Law Firm

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