Where to check for company registration in Cameroon is often asked by intending individuals or corporate bodies looking to do business or venture into an agreement with another company claiming legality. The write-ups will briefly summarize a process how to check if a company is registered in Cameroon.

For a corporate body or form of business to carry out services in Cameroon, it must be registered with the Trade & Personal Property Rights Register. To successfully Register a company, the company must have fulfilled all the necessary requirements by providing details such as (Name of the company, registered address, directors, shareholders, shareholding formula etc) and it must have paid the filing fees required by the commission.

Upon the company registration and after all the requirements have been fulfilled, the will issue to the company a Certificate of Incorporation, which contains the name of the company and its status (a private or public company), an RC Number peculiar to that company used to verify the validity of that company as an incorporated entity. It also shows the date and the seal of the Registrar-General.


To reduce the risk of unsuspecting individuals or entities transacting with unregistered companies with no legitimate status, the Kinsmen Advocates Law Firm can confirm the registration of a company. We know Where to check for company registration in Cameroon and records of registered companies so as to ascertain whether a company is registered or not.


  1. Payment of search fee
  2. Gain access in the search room
  3. Identify the company
  4. Conduct search by confirming the RC Number, Company name, registered address and date of registration etc
  5. Check must be done in Tax Centre

Above we can see the process and Where to check for company registration in Cameroon. Checking company registration is registered is manually done, Additionally, someone can check by requesting to see the certificate of incorporation of the company and then confirm or verify the information contained therein with the ones obtained in the company registry..


For a company to enjoy legal backing, it must be duly registered. It is important to conduct due diligence before engaging the service or transacting with a company to prevent being scammed. If a company is not registered, upon checking for company registration we shall find no result and at that point, we know the company is bogus. We believe businessmen now know where to check for company registration in Cameroon and avoid been victims of internet scam/frauds.

Article by Barr. Mafany Victor Ngando

Kinsmen Advocates Law Firm

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