A liquor shop license is an authorization given to an individual (national or foreigner) or corporate body to run either an off snack bar, an on license snack bar, Night club or Restaurant where alcohol drinks, non-alcohol drinks, wine, whisky, cocktail and beverages are sold to the public. The laws regulating the grant of a liquor license in Cameroon are The Constitution, Law No: 96/012 of 5th August 1999, Law No 90/054 of 19th December 1990 and Decree No 90/1483 of 9th November 1990. The regulatory agency ensures that all documents required for liquor licensing in Cameroon is in accordance with all the above sited legislations.


For a successful grant of a liquor license in Cameroon, applicants should take into account the following consideration;

  • Applicant (Cameroonian or foreigner) must be above 18
  • Applicant must show proof of no-crime record
  • Applicant must show proof that the premises of the snack bar suitable (security outlet and good hygiene facilities).
  • Applicant must prove that the license is in the public interest.
    • Applicants must show that grant of liquor licensing in Cameroonwill not prejudice resident of residential areas, school children below 18, older persons and religious institutions.

The Cameroon law requires an applicant to present documents ranging from the company, taxation, health, hygiene ,criminal record and personal identification documents for a grant of liquor license in Cameroon. Here is a non-exhausted list required :

  • Non–conviction /non-crime certificate
  • Medical certificate
  • Certificate of residence
  • Copy of National identity card or passport
  • Taxpayers card
  • Attestation of non-indebtedness
  • Articles of association (activities like sales of drinks in snack or night club)
  • Hygiene certificate of the premises
  • Attestation of localization
  • Company registration certificate
  • Fiscal stamps.

Thereafter a licensed Corporate Attorney / Notary is expected to file for authorization for liquor license in Cameroon. It is worthy to note that if the application for a grant of liquor licensing in Cameroon is not complete and properly constituted, the same will be rejected to the detriment of the investor.

A valid license must have an authorization number, category of license, name & address of the snack bar, duration to operate and signed by a competent administrator.


Interestingly corporate practice remains one of our sector strength. We are more than competent to navigate through the entire process for a grant of liquor license in Cameroon  diligently and within a reasonable time so your bar, snack bar, night club or restaurant can go operational.

Article by Barr. Mafany Victor Ngando

Kinsmen Advocates

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